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It is possible for an update to modify the document supplied as the context item, or a document read using the function, or even a document constructed dynamically by the query itself.When using the various APIs, the general policy is that updated documents are never written automatically to disk.The XPath/XQuery Builder mode provides: Built into the XPath/XQuery window is the Evaluator tab, which let you test the results of your XPath/XQuery expressions as you work.Once you’re finished building an expression, click over to Evaluator mode to test the results.The XPath/XQuery tab provides advanced functionality for composing XQuery Update Facility expressions with full syntax coloring, intelligent code completion, and error message reporting.

In fact, large XQuery jobs run up to 9x faster when run on Raptor XML Server from inside XMLSpy*.Saxon-EE supports use of the update extensions to XQuery defined in the W3C Recommendation Update is available only in Saxon-EE, and is supported only if explicitly requested.XMLSpy provides native support for XQuery 1.0 and XQuery 3.1 development and execution with its built-in, standards-conformant XQuery engine powered by Raptor XML.Raptor XML delivers hyper-fast XQuery processing to speed development and test functionality prior to deployment to Raptor XML Server.

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