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Following up his anecdote, Kress's brother graciously concluded that in time he's found that, "London is that sister."On Instagram, Kress also shared a snippet of the video along with an equally as memorable caption.

Before the episode aired, he took to Twitter to commemorate the show's anniversary and reminded fans just how special the role of Freddie will always be to him.So, while we didn't find out the truth tonight, the fun episode gave us several loved, you'll notice a row of Post-it notes behind her.The one on the far right reads, "Dancing clowns." Now, my sleuthing hat may be on a little too tight, but it's hard not to think of Cramps the clown from that one First off, that pretty blonde is Nathan's real-life wife, London!"The concept of the episode, and the little Easter Eggs we included definitely brought back the Easter Eggs like Nathan teased.Spaghetti tacos were eaten, Nathan's hotel room was 8D, the same as his character's apartment, there was a large photo of a dachshund dog in Nathan's hotel room and any crew wasn't going to just take this answer so they asked him as Nathan to make a choice.

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