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These updates are not to be neglected as for instance a recent critical SSD update was to fix the minimum advertised I/O block size.A lot of techs out there do not know how to create a bootable USB key to run firmware updates.It is worth to note, that some updates (even critical ones! for the SSD devices and not even referenced from server support pages.In such cases, one needs to search Dell support website dell-support using the model or serial number as the keyword.That’s ok, it’s not often that you need to do this these days.Sometimes updates are just not working on the OS level and it’s time to try another method.Updating firmware used to be an uncomplicated, albeit slightly dangerous process.Unfortunately, as the server hardware developed over time, it did not become any simpler, but rather evolved into even more of an arcane rite.

Some DUPs, however, contain an ISO generator to create a bootable image which does not require an operating system to be installed, but it is not always the case.

Moreover, it seems that there is no comprehensive checklist regarding the firmware updates of the Dell Power Edge server family and the information is spread over the support forums, tech wikis and miscellaneous blogs.

Hence, this compilation was created in a hope that it will be useful and save time to some.

we need to update the BIOS and drivers, but the servers have no OS on them, and the Dell downloads page only has windows executables for the various updaters.

We understand the only way to do this is by downloading the 11GB Dell Server Update Utility ISO image.

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