Updating a perl module fwith cpan

Instead of using a GUI like Kee Pass or Kee Pass X, you can read the contents of the database file using File:: Kee Pass: Here we opened our newly-created Kee Pass database file using the “load_db” method. Each group is a hashref that also contains an arrayref of entries.Printing $groups with Data:: Dumper, we can see this more clearly:” File:: Kee Pass provides methods for searching for entries.If the author is unresponsive (which means no response, not a negative response), we have ways to pass on maintainership of abandoned modules.We take this process very slowly because we want to give the original author or current maintainer every chance to respond.

It will still show up in your CPAN account and people can still download it through the CPAN website, but the CPAN clients won't see it (since they work according to the index).

But it still exists as an Unauthorized Version, and can be downloaded and installed. There's a recent RT (that has now been closed) under the real Test distribution that discusses this.

The "Test" incident was also discussed on [email protected]

What happened was that some smoke testers installed the "Unauthorized Version" in their smokers, and since it didn't contain a function named "plan()" suddenly anyone uploading a module that included in its test suite started failing on the 'use' line.

It would be unhelpful to blindly upload a module that you've added functionality to under the same name as the module that it's based on (it happens sometimes and often creates a mess).

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