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A teacher who can deconstruct his or her own whiteness is far better positioned to see why prevailing pedagogical and curricular patterns might not work for students.

Even white teachers who are fully committed to multiculturalism often fail to see how their own investments in white culture as a universal culture get in the way of their good intentions vis-a-vis students of color.

Whiteness theory is intended to make white cultural and political assumptions and privileges visible so that whites do not assume that their own position is neutral or normal.

The books and articles will also be on reserve or on electronic reserve (in the case of most of the articles) at the University Library.(Indeed, some multicultural theorists charge that whiteness theory shifts the focus back to whites, and thus away from more pluralistic projects.) Whiteness theory focuses specifically on whiteness as a political and cultural position — a position and an identity that, to a considerable extent, are gained at the expense of people of color.Because white cultural norms are systematically enforced in the schools (usually without any recognition that they are white norms), whiteness theory is particularly important for educators.My primary role, however, will be to ask questions, clarify points raised in our discussions, and summarize the important issues that we discuss.The articles will be available for purchase as a bound collection from Empire Publishing or in a few cases as handouts or as links on the electronic version of the syllabus.

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