Thailand internet dating scams

I’ve heard people say there are 100,000 prostitutes in Thailand and other say there is close to a million.

No one knows the exact number but I’d be betting it’s close to the million mark if you count all the part time prostitutes (sideline girls) as well.

Club Slut I’ve seen these girls in every country but in most western countries they do it just for the fun here in Thailand they do it as a way to have fun and make some money too though club sluts are typically not stressed if they get a John or not they still just love to go out and party.

Inevitably you’ve met a club slut had an awesome night woke up the next morning and she hits you up for money.

The short time girl can easily do 2-3 guys a night though in high season this can go even higher.

Soapy massage girl A soapy girl sits in a fish tank likes to watch Thai soapies and if you’re an older C grade soapy girl you probably like to knit while waiting for customers.

Bar freelancer The bar freelancer doesn’t have a permanent bar that she works at, she doesn’t like the rules that she has to go in everyday she wants to come and go as she pleases so she doesn’t get the monthly age but lives off the money she can pull from customers.

Sideline Girls Sideline girls are similar to the bar freelancer but are typically better looking.

The sideline girl can’t have a permanent job because as her name suggests she works on the side.

Some even work on the Farang internet dating sites but the vast majority work on posted forums and dedicated sideline networks exchanging phone numbers and email addresses and post their photos on Hi 5.

The internet sideline girl typically only speaks Thai but some do speak English.

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