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You can also create your own group (fortnightly cake-eating meet up anyone? If you feel a bit nervous turning up to a group alone, most organisers will introduce you to the other members on the group page beforehand if you ask.Groups cater for all sorts, including: movie buffs, business networkers, dancers, photographers, people over 45, amateur musicians, vegetarians, curry lovers, new-comers, poets and bookworms.Blink, Stumbling on Happiness, The Celestine Prophesy, Siddhartha, White Tiger, Quiet, Timeline, Authentic Happiness, The Night Watch, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Soy María me considero una chica especial sencilla agradable con buen gusto muy cariñosa simpática buen trato con las personas pero de muy fuerte carácter.

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For every friend-date which went well, there were several others which went less well, either the other person or me never getting back in touch.Whether you’re looking for a casual or a serious relationship in Barcelona, there are many excellent ways to meet people in this beautiful city!If you’re single in Barcelona, you have incredible options to find people to date, go out with and to make a connection with.Let’s be honest, making new friends in Barcelona (or anywhere for that matter) requires determination, guts and a sense of humour.And for those of us living here as foreigners, a good friend is not just important, it’s essential for weathering the highs and lows of life in the city.

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