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About 1.75 million years ago, early man spread throughout parts of Africa.They became aggressive hunters, lived in caves and used fire and their ability to create stone tools just to survive.The Phoenicians were an enterprising maritime trading culture from Lebanon who spread across the Mediterranean from 1550 BC to 300 BC.In 814 BC, they founded the city of Carthage in what is now Tunisia in north Africa; only to be destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC.Before the Middle Ages began, the Roman Empire collapsed and the Arabs quickly took their place on the continent.

Both became rich by trading in gold, horse salt, and of course, slaves.

By 1445 they reached the Cape Verde Islands and the coast of Senegal, and the mouth of the River Congo in 1482. The continent-changing 16th Century began with Europeans transporting African slaves to the Americas for profit.

A slave purchased on the African coast for the equivalent of 14 English pounds in bartered goods could sell for 45 pounds in the American market.

The Arabs' reach extended to Zanzibar, which was used as a base for voyages between the Middle East and India.

As other organized kingdoms were formed in central and southern Africa, the Portuguese began to explore the western coast of Africa.

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