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Their definition will, however, add a detail about which Google and the Language Council (Språkrådet) originally locked horns, by stating "usually in reference to Google, but in common use also in reference to similar online services".

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The emergence of modern literary Swedish written in the Roman alphabet is commonly dated in the 1520s when the union with Denmark was dissolved and the Lutheran Church gained general recognition at the expense of Catholicism.

So what lies behind Swedes' sudden romance with Wordfeud?

“I don't think the popularity has to do with the specific Swedish context - it's a worldwide phenomenon,” Simon Lindgren, a sociology professor at Umeå University, tells The Local.

However, a recent study carried out by research company Novus Group International estimated that a full six percent of the Swedish population are Wordfeud players.

Gustav Örneholm, 17, and Linnea Lund, 18, are two of them.

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