Spleen meridian sedating points

Whereas in Chinese acupuncture, the utilization of the single "tonification" or "sedation" point is all that is classically used.Even though simple tonification and sedation will suffice in most cases, for those stubborn conditions that are having great difficulty in establishing a balance, this Korean system is ideal. Tonify the Mother organs element point on the affected organ 3.

Subtle Energy, thousand or more years ago, traveled anywhere in and around our body and was directed by our thoughts and our intentions.

The procedure is also very well known in the northern islands of Japan.

The technique requires the use of four specific acupuncture points for each meridian that is shown to be either too high or too low.

This imbalance created a suppressed immune system which can lead to illness in the body.

I have learned, since then, to rebalance this system through energy healing techniques which included energy based psychology.

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