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The National Broadcasting Company began regular broadcasting in 1926, with telephone links between New York and other Eastern cities. radio was supervised by the Department of Commerce.

NBC became the dominant radio network, splitting into Red and Blue Networks. Then, the Radio Act of 1927 created the Federal Radio Commission (FRC); in 1934, this agency was renamed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and is still in operation.

Radio broadcasting became popular in the 1920s, alongside the new film industry.But in mid-1922, the so-called "radio craze" began, when several hundred new stations took to the airwaves, and thousands of people wanted to buy their own radio set. By 1926, when the National Broadcasting Company went on the air, advertising was gradually allowed.Madison Avenue recognized the importance of radio as a new advertising medium.The beginning of regular, commercially licensed radio broadcasting in the United States in 1920, along with the concurrent development of sound and color film in that decade, ended the print monopoly of mass media and opened the doors to the immediate (and pervasive) electronic media.By 1928, the United States had three national radio networks: two owned by NBC (the National Broadcasting Company), and one by CBS (the Columbia Broadcasting System).

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