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Envelopes didn’t exist, so letters were folded and sealed with a dab of melted wax.Boys in the Regency did not dress the way we dress children now.People became quite crafty in using every bit of space a sheet of paper afforded.

Some had only a few plants; some were like inside forests. Even before the Regency, house renovation was becoming quite the thing.

It was a way of nurturing exotic plants year-round, since essentially conservatories were greenhouses attached (sometimes) to the main houses. If you’d like to see a large detached one, check out the pics on my Pinterest page for the one at Syon House. Horace Walpole took a nondescript cottage and redid it from the ground up to make it into the Gothic Revival villa Strawberry Hill.

Some time after him, the first Duke of Northumberland renovated Syon House, but couldn’t finish because he ran out of money.

Beides sind notwendige Voraussetzungen, um einen unseren Kulturbetrieb langfristig erfolgreich führen zu können.

Das vielfältige kulturelle Leben in und um Wallisellen ist geprägt durch die traditionelle Vereinskultur und beruht nach wie vor zu grossen Teilen auf dem ehrenamtlichen Engagement in Vereinen und privaten Gruppen – sei es in Musik-, Gesangs- oder Theatervereinen.

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