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I love his "tough love" - because sometimes it's hard to see how much power we actually have, and because so many "gurus" are afraid to say the truth about men and relationships.

If you've been frustrated and confused about why your relationships aren't working the way you want them to - this book will change your love life.

cuts to the chase – and while I was now dubious at how many more ‘millionaires’ would be on there than were on at least I wouldn’t have to invest so much time talking about trouts in Yorkshire or anal sex.

Now, thanks to online dating, so-called ‘mutually beneficial’ relationships have never been easier to come by.Coming from a man who's had so much experience helping women in real life, who has so many success stories in his track record and has a distinctly masculine point of view is just so incredibly valuable. Sugar daddy dating as been around for years, long before the internet or dating sites.‘Life is too short to miss opportunities and I believe in living each day to its fullest.‘I am sociable, well-educated and enjoy a rich and varied social life, but would like to meet someone special who I have a connection with to share intimate moments and memorable times.

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