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Apparently the early-morning alarm clock jolt doesn’t bother her as she has continued with a morning work shift.

Dave the Dwarf – Dave was always known for doing appearances around town, especially at strip clubs.

In fact, in one case, he said he could have brought back some of the old crew members to the show because of the contractual agreement he was offered.

He made it clear that he’ll always stand by his decision to file the lawsuit and said he wanted to stand up for his reputation and his family. 30, 2013, the same day MJ got the unwanted verdict in his defamation trial, he and his wife had to put down their 17-year-old female Jack Russell terrier, Scarlett.

This is why he felt it was never a “radio war” since it was one-sided and he didn’t engage in it on the air. The dogs were infamously the center of attention on the MJ Morning Show when one of them escaped from the house and went missing.

MJ had to leave the show to help find the dog, which he ultimately did in a short amount of time.

Clem called Michelle a “whore” and accused MJ of tampering with Arbitron radio ratings and contests on the MJ Morning Show, including “Mangle Mouth” and “Pick Your Plastic.” His main focus was on the fact that Clem suggested he was a criminal for these actions, which he believed to be defamation of character. This group made the case that MJ, his wife, and many of the crew members had been both verbally and physically attacked by Clem’s listeners.

They also received numerous death threats via e-mail and phone calls to the studio. Phillip Campbell, was arrested for DUI, bringing national attention to the already heavily covered case that was streamed live online and featured daily in newspapers, TV reports, and on MJ’s flagship station in Tampa, 970 WFLA.

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