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University of Phoenix does not in any manner control, guarantee, or take part in these scholarships, including, but not limited to, the creation of the eligibility criteria or the selection of recipients.

Furthermore, reference to these scholarships is not a recommendation of any products or services that these third-party organizations may offer.

These can potentially help students cover the costs of their education and education related expenses.

For instance, some are available to women going into business-related fields, while others are for teachers seeking continued education.

She spoke of her joy at being invited to Sidney's graduation, but the pain when it made her realize she was not involved more.

Tamra then confessed that their relationship was 'still not being good,' saying she 'takes some blame' as she posted a picture of them together at her graduation despite her daughter asking her not to post to social media.'There were just so many horrible stories coming out and I was hurt and impulsive,' she sobbed.'And she sent me a message that wasn't very nice.'Sidney then made a public Facebook post 'basically saying that she didn't want me at her graduation and that her dad pushed her to invite me,' Tamra explained.

These external third-party scholarships are offered for your convenience as a courtesy.

The inclusion of these external third-party organization scholarships does not in any way infer their importance or endorsement by University of Phoenix or that University of Phoenix agrees with the views expressed by those organizations.

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