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While you have to enter your credit card information while registering, if you cancel at anytime, by phone or online, during your free trial, you won’t be charged.

Netflix also does not offer refunds or partial credits for canceling mid-month.

It adds new content on a daily basis, and at a faster rate than content is removed.

Distilling it down to video streaming alone, it also beats out Amazon by billing monthly rather than annually., which has already been labeled an Oscar contender.

Users can pay anywhere from another .99 to .99 a month to rent DVDs.

Netflix sets itself apart from competitors by offering an additional DVD plan.

Amazon edges in with its HBO offerings, albeit for the older shows, but you could gain access to all things HBO, including the latest titles, with HBO GO for a month.

Hulu on the other hand has established itself as the king of primetime content, offering the latest shows days after they’ve aired.

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