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Howie In response to your question regarding age of first interest in bondage...As best I can tell I was born (I'm a man) with the deeply ingrained orientation of sexually dominant heterosexual. One of my earliest memories, circa age 4, involved the busy work of coloring a picture in Sunday school.That image had quite an effect on me, and I remember laying in bed topless with my arms overhead fantasizing that I was being executed in the same manner.I didn't understand it, nor did I think too deeply about it. Of course, this was long before I had any sexual desires.He makes her write and sign a statement to that effect, then sends her out to purchase a crop.

It's based on a scene with his Kate Lipton character from his "perils of paulinesque" "Damsel 2" storyline. Chaser: Thank you so much for your excellent review of "Barbarian Queen." I especially enjoyed your witty commentary regarding this silly, campy flick.

I've sometimes wondered how many other men into this stuff fantasize they are the suffering female.

My impression from this forum is that it's a very small number. I watched a lot of the 1950s cowboy shows on TV, Lone Ranger, Red Ryder, and so on, which often featured the pretty girl getting caught by the bad guys, then tied up and gagged.

One day I came across a story in the Penthouse Letters section, written from the point of view of a woman who had been caught stealing money from her employer.

The manager agrees not to call the police as long as she submits to a whipping with a riding crop.

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