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Bring back blue sugar or Escada magnetism those I hear were bomb af. Understand it though use this beast sparingly two sprays are enough.

Let the initial shock opening dry out and you've got a lovely manly lavender but slightly dirty smell radiating from's the only floral manly fragrance I've come across.

In the mid it turns very strange into a faint rotten flower smell in the background. Of course it's polarizing but composition is very interesting and far away from mainstream.

Not a bad fragrance by any means but not a safe blind buy. I have a bottle from 2008 and it has beastly performance. From what i've heard, last formulation is lighter and more wearable. I’m a lover of old school fougerres so I bought this about 10 months ago, bottle half empty and I still don’t know if I like it.

I like that some notes like almond and rose can be smell vividly. if u looking for a fresh cool scent with decent longevity and projection and don't care about release date, this is your scent.price is very bank account friendly.

the only downside imo is the sprayer which is not controllable and u can not spray small doses.

Opening blast is horrific but the dry down is powdery with tons of lilac sometimes it smells gorgeous and other times can have a “dirty” vibe.Super hot collection of insane videos to watch Rare videos available only in this collection, with super hot women enjoying threesome sex.Probably the finest place where you can watch top threesome porn starring hottest women online.Le début est vif, fusant, mais il s'apaise ensuite sur la peau. C'est un parfum mixte, ça m'est arrivé de le piquer à monsieur les jours d'audace, mais je le préfère sur lui. First of all I’m surprised almost shocked by how much love this fragrance has gotten in this comment section.2, I WOULD give this fragrance to my worst enemy.3 if there was ever a fragrance to discontinue I sacrifice Grey flannel as tribute.

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