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Current subsidence movements can be seen in the road known as Ochtmisser Kirchsteig.

To the south of the town stretches the 7,400 km² Lüneburg Heath which emerged as a result of widespread tree-felling, forest fires and grazing.

The subsidence has been monitored at about 240 stations since 1946 every two years.

The land has not quite stopped subsiding yet, but it is stable enough that new construction has taken place on it, and several historic buildings which had previously been damaged or demolished have meanwhile been restored.

The first indication of a permanent, settled farming culture in the area was found not far from the site of the Neanderthal discovery in the river Ilmenau between Lüne and Bardowick.

This was an axe that is described as a Schuhleistenkeil or "shoe last wedge" due to its shape.

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