Lilyandmarshallselltheirstuff online dating

Yeah, the show did loose momentum, but I think they've picked it up a bit by focusing on Barney and Robin instead.The seventh season in particular seems to have forgotten that Ted was supposed to be the hero (except for when Victoria and The Slutty Pumpkin returned).I do think the show has lost some "momentum" ever since the middle of season 6 (the Zoey character and storyline was awful, except for the Captain : D) but either way I think fans will be hooked til the end just to find out who the mother is.

Lily is cool sometimes, although my opinion towards her character is heavily influenced by her leaving Marshal before their wedding.I think that the two kids have different mothers :pi: They will change the last episode to be called "How I Met Your Mothers" D: Although, I first was thinking that the mother is dead, and that is why he is taking over 7 years to explain the whole process of how he met their mother.I think the story he tells the children is a bit shorter than what we see.And then wanting back as if nothing happened and had a problem with his relatives being cold towards her. As for Ted, although the protagonist, his romantic character and his continuous hang up with every single woman he meets, make him a bit indifferent for me.It's the 7th season, he has to meet that damn woman sometime soon.

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