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Dislike: I don't have anything that I particularly dislike.If I really have to point out anything, it will be the impracticality of the drama.All characters in the film have unique background and different experience, just as youth nowadays whose dream conflicted with reality, whose life composed of sensibility and pulse action.

He became a totally different person after that incident. I like the black tuxedo that he wears and the manly look when he put on his watch. It became so natural that this couple is compatible with each other. Dislike: The pace within the drama itself is sometimes too slow. I also dislike some characters in the drama such as the irritating Tian Yu stepmother.

como ya os habia dicho en varias ocaciones, “Drunken To Love You” es un remake, una segunda version del drama “Fated to lov you” que protagonizaron chen quiao en y Ethan ruan y ahora esta nueva version sera protagonizada por Rainie Yang y Joseph Chang, y bien ahora resulta que el 21 de marzo, se celebro una conferencia de prensa del drama, la verdad que todo ha ido muy rapido.

Rainie expreso que ella y Joseph se sintieron nervioso al a hacer la escena de cama…uy dios como recuerdo la escena de cama de Chen quiao en y Ethan ruan…quiero ver como lo hacen estos dos x D.

What I like: Angela Chang doe-eyed innocence and the theme songs.

To be honest, none of the cast members are really strong performers in this drama.

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