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You can lead a discussion by starting a new topic or you can follow the thread started by someone else.New topics should be of the same subject, but not previously discussed in the forum.Here are some examples on how distance learning assessment works in practice. For example, if the main subject is Diabetes, this is split up into types of diabetes, causes of diabetes, prevention of diabetes, etc.Similarly, the subject chosen by you will also be divided into other smaller discussion topics.

You will have to present this information in your own words without changing the meaning.

Usually, you have a period of 48 hours during which you may sit for the exam at any time. The exam is an open book exam, meaning you may use any material you have available.

Of course, using your own notes is a huge advantage, but might want to quickly google some additional facts.

Such a portfolio represents your personal reflections on what you learnt in the discussion.

It shows the examiner how much knowledge you have gained and how you will use it your daily practice. Make your portfolio interesting and remember to give a summary of the topic discussed that week, with proper reference.

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