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Out of the four stages in the game, the first, second and third each begin with the player fighting a group made up of two different types of small fry enemies: one with fewer hit points and a stronger attack (usually armed with a weapon) and one with more hit points, but with a weaker attack and the ability to grab the player from behind, making him vulnerable to other enemies' attacks.

When only three underlings remain (in any combination of the two) their boss will come in from the sidelines and join the fight.

K in the NES version), who fights a variety of street gangs on his way to save his girlfriend.

Unlike Technos' subsequent game Double Dragon, the playing field is limited to one two-screen-wide area (a subway platform, a harbor, an alley, a parking lot and the hideout of a gang) and does not scroll continuously.

Renegade is a video game released in American and European arcades in 1986 by Taito.

It is a westernized conversion of the Japanese arcade game Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun, released earlier the same year by Technos.

It announced the acquisition on the official Japanese site, and it intends to revive the popular series and extend the Joey Davidson leads the gaming department here on Techno Buffalo.Once the player has defeated this first wave of enemies, the main character proceeds to enter a building at the far right of the stage.There, he faces three more knife-wielding enemies and the final boss, a mobster whose gunfire is also deadly with one hit.River City Melee: Battle Royal Special is the latest Kunio-Kun series entry which arrived on Play Station 4 consoles earlier this year.It's now coming to PC, due this week, on September 14.

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