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And still the sole breadwinner for his three kids, aged 8, 10 and 12.

He detailed their futile campaign to oust her from her volunteer job at Plaza Vista elementary, and their ill-fated plot to disgrace her by planting drugs in her car.She had grown isolated from her friends and had finally asked to change schools.Even now, Kent Easter was still waffling on what he did, while his ex-wife showed “not an ounce of remorse,” Marcereau said. He reminded jurors that a promotional spot had appeared on You Tube, right around the time drugs were planted.“I probably could have treated you a little better, couldn’t I have? “Yes.” “Despite all of that you have still been kind to me and haven’t sought revenge, right? I don’t know if you remember those days.” “Yes.” She was living with her parents in Newport Beach. No more questions.” It was time for Kent Easter to call his most important witness, and so he uttered one of the most melancholy sentences jurors would hear: “At this time I would just be calling myself.” He took the stand, wearing one of the unassuming sweaters that had seemed his sole wardrobe through the trial.Her father was an astrophysicist and inventor, but she did not mention this. She had worked three jobs to put herself through school. 16, 2011, you planted illegal drugs in Kelli Peters’ car, true? He turned to the jury box and explained that he was, at 41, a broken man.

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