Forefront endpoint protection not updating

Within the larger King County community, meeting the call for greater digital equity and social justice continue to percolate in the minds of leadership and the IT team.

“Sometimes someone is trying to create a technology project around something that shouldn’t be, it’s just a process.” Perhaps where IT’s skillset is most valuable is in the business process improvement arena, and in looking at the way departments are attacking their daily workloads.From old-school misconfiguration issues to the very latest cutting-edge techniques and exploits, we have got it all covered.The 2017 edition is a major upgrade from our 2016 class.But this year, the theme among the five first-place winners is not so much about a shiny, new technology as much as it is about knowing when and how to introduce it.Whether investing in new tools like predictive analytics, going mobile, or opening data to the public, these organizations are making very real differences in the communities they serve.

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