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The lake swelled annually from flooding of the Nile.

In the Zana Valley of the Andes Mountains in Peru, archaeologists found remains of three irrigation canals radiocarbon dated from the 4th millennium BCE, the 3rd millennium BCE and the 9th century CE.

These canals are the earliest record of irrigation in the New World.

Traces of a canal possibly dating from the 5th millennium BCE were found under the 4th millennium canal.

Ancient Egyptians practiced Basin irrigation using the flooding of the Nile to inundate land plots which had been surrounded by dykes.Sophisticated irrigation and storage systems were developed by the Indus Valley Civilization in present-day Pakistan and North India, including the reservoirs at Girnar in 3000 BCE and an early canal irrigation system from circa 2600 BCE.Large scale agriculture was practiced and an extensive network of canals was used for the purpose of irrigation.In the Sichuan region belonging to the State of Qin of ancient China, the Dujiangyan Irrigation System devised by the Qin Chinese hydrologist and irrigation engineer Li Bing was built in 256 BCE to irrigate a vast area of farmland that today still supplies water.In 15th century Korea, the world's first rain gauge, uryanggye (Korean:우량계), was invented in 1441.

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