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Other than this mistake that I made, for which I am sincerely sorry, I have put forth effort.And I don’t feel that three days is adequate in assessing someone’s ability.If she knows I am looking for work outside of my current company, is that grounds for them to fire me?I feel stuck as I was excited to add to my search through this site but am unwilling to risk loosing my job.And I feel I should have been conferenced about this first.Is this mistake steep enough to warrant a termination? I followed all of the directions that I knew of, and this is no excuse but I am diagnosed with ADD, though I’m currently not receiving treatment for it.

Effort is good, but ultimately employers are going to judge you on the quality and accuracy of your work. My company HR rep is in a Linked In employment group I joined I recently joined my college Linked In employment network group.Well, they think it’s enough to warrant dismissing you, and that’s their prerogative.I don’t know if they acted rashly or not, but it does sound like there were other mistakes being made too, so it’s possible that they reasonably concluded that it wasn’t quite the right fit.She is a recruiter and apparently a graduate of the same college as I.It is unclear if she is on this network as a recruiter for the company or if she is seeking an employment move away from our current company.

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