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The simplest is to click the 'Show Interest' button.Yes, I got a message to lure me in and sign up and then someone is contacting me from another state? Right after I signed on, I got a message instantly - and it did get me to buy, to get the message. One scammer (supposedly a woman) who emailed me used pictures from a woman on Facebook.I called him out on it and have not heard back from him/her. I had three responses from this person, (which did not seem like I was talking to a live person), stating how interested he was and then he disappeared off the site. I actually found the woman on Facebook because she was a soldier and had her last name on her uniform in one of the pictures.As fitness becomes more important to a growing number of people, the need for a niche dating site catering to fitness fanatics is increasingly great.This service is ideal for people with a passion for running, cycling, bodybuilding, and many other fitness activities.

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