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"Spaces," Much of Four is a testament to how far the boys have come, vocally and thematically, in just four years."Spaces," in particular, showcases the best of what they can do as a group, even if it's on an otherwise unremarkable song.56.In an alternate universe, this would probably be the end credits song to a movie adaptation of a John Green novel, for better or for worse.But while the verses take their time getting off the ground, the chorus really soars—and gets stuck in your head when you least expect it. "Better Than Words," )One of the bonus songs off the gargantuan 17-track Yearbook Edition of Take Me Home (we're not even going to count the additional three tracks on the Target deluxe edition), "Still The One" is a great pop song, but it suffers for being the very last track on an album already chock-full of them.57.

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"I Want," As you'd expect from the title, this is baby Direction at their neediest and brattiest. "One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)," recorded for Red Nose Day 2013The only non-original song on this list, this mashup — recorded as a charity single — is a passable (albeit catchy) rehash of ~iconic~ '70s punk band Blondie's covered-to-death "One Way or Another" and Irish rock band The Undertones' "Teenage Kicks." Otherwise, nothing special. "Something Great," The title might be too generous, but this mostly inoffensive song's biggest fault is burying Louis's powerhouse (and heartbreaking) solo at the very end.

"Everything About You," )On a rock-heavy album, this is the closest thing to the pure pop of their earlier work.

It may not be their best, but at the very least, it'd make a welcome addition to anyone's beach vacay playlist.68.

Now that we've had some time to let the song settle (and turn it off repeat on i Tunes) we've examined its place in their entire oeuvre.

Below is a definitive ranking of all 1D songs — including bonus tracks and one cover — in reverse order, all the way from the bottom to their best song ever.)Midnight Memories proved that 1D could do rock, and do it well.

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