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When you meet in real life and tower over him in your heels, no matter how charming and good looking, if he’s shorter — forget it. Look at legendary beauty Sophia Loren and her much shorter husband, Carlo Ponti, or sultry movie star Nicole Kidman and country singer-songwriter husband Keith Urban or model Sophie Dahl and her musician husband Jamie Cullum.

If these women can literally overlook the short issue, why does height remain such a deal breaker?

Even when the short men were highly educated and wealthier than their taller counterparts, most women still chose taller men.

I decided to do an informal poll, asking my friends what they thought about the shorter man conundrum.“We all have our physical preferences and attraction isn’t a choice,” says Steve, a 5-foot-8-inch school teacher.

Mazur determined that taller men were likely to marry more often and have more children.

They had more opportunities to attract women other than their wives, which lead to divorce, remarriage and even more children.

“I kept thinking I should set him up with a short girl. I would be terribly stupid to not keep him for myself.”What do men think about their much taller mates?

Though he agrees that everyone is entitled to their preferences, he says women are limiting their dating options.

One woman even suggested that the show’s producer describe the tall men as “murderers” to even the odds for the shorter men!

The segment was inspired by a study done by professor Allen Mazur of Syracuse University.

She admits that they were friends for years before they started dating, so the height difference wasn’t an immediate issue.

“When I met Carl I knew he was a great guy,” Nancy says.

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