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It hung about and didn't move yesterday because there was no wind.

The cloud seems to have dispersed today though.'The hospital has downgraded the threat to pretty much non-existent now.' The source of the haze is not yet known but lifeguards said it was 'possibly some kind of gaseous fumes'.

In 2013 concerned locals in Kent, Surrey and Sussex raised the alarm about smelly air wafting in from the sea.

It was revealed a factory in Rouen, France, had accidentally released the harmless gas, mercaptan, which had wafted across the English Channel.

Youngsters took to Snapchat to post shocking videos of their blood-red eyes as they took cover in their car and complained their eyeballs were 'burning' after the toxic plume engulfed the beach.

Footage shared on social media shows people on the crowded beach packing up their things and rubbing their eyes as a hazy cloud appeared to drift in from the sea at Birling Gap, near Beachy Head (pictured) in East Sussex - Britain's tallest chalk sea cliffs at 530ft high A 16-mile segment of the East Sussex coastline was evacuated on Sunday afternoon and locals urged to shut their doors and windows after the cloud left beachgoers with the concerning symptoms.

East Sussex's Chief Inspector Bruce Mathews said the source of the cloud is as yet unknown and that this lack of knowledge is 'adding to our concern'. Initial reports were of a fire at Birling Gap, but there's been no fire.'I know with previous incidents that we've had here there's been incidents where stuff has come across from industrial units in France.'We're going to work with our agencies to try and find out where this has all come from.' Many witnesses have suggested the cloud was made up of chlorine gas, because of its smell and the way it irritated eyes 'like a swimming pool'.

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People reported irritation of their eyes and throats as the plume of gas moved eastwards along the coast as far as Bexhill.

The unpleasant stench, which wafted further west as the day developed, became known as 'le pong'.

But an exodus of confused and worried beachgoers was sparked when police evacuated the area and closed several roads to stop people from driving nearer to the noxious plume.

Neighbouring hospitals helped with the influx of patients by taking on people whose ailments did not relate to the worrying gas cloud.

A police spokesman added: 'While reports of those seeking medical treatment have now dwindled away, anyone still suffering the effects are advised by Public Health England to irrigate their eyes if they are irritated and to wash any other irritated areas with plenty of soap and water.'If you were affected and after taking the precautions recommended you still feel ill, contact 111 for advice and only visit your local A&E if you are still suffering significant effects.' In 2013 gas cloud nicknamed 'Le Pong', which smelt of stale sweat and rotten eggs, drifted over from a factory in the northern French city of Rouen and caused an almighty stink as the day went on.

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