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As for whether Farrah's continuing anal adventures will lure even more than the 80,000 plus visitors that she got in September? Anal toys come in a lot of varieties and different shapes and sizes, but unless she's getting some sort of endorsement deal from Bad Dragon or whatever, we imagine that she'll be using something nondescript. Or maybe she'll find out by reading entertainment news like everybody else.Some things don't make for easy mother-daughter conversations.With around 80 shots in each set, that would have come in handy.My mom told me penises are like noses – they’re all unique and useful in their own special way. The variety and bounce out there know no bounds, even if we only concentrate on big breasts.Last month, Farrah Abraham stripped down and masturbated on camera before a live audience. Despite the paywall, interest was high enough that the more than 80,000 visitors ended up crashing Cam Soda's site.And this, mind you, was after Farrah Abraham had denied news of a new sex tape.

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Luckily for us, it just so happens that the good people at Lube My Tits webcam boobs have managed to amass a fine collection of large boobs for our pleasure and enjoyment. With a name like Tittylicious, this big tit girl cam site is already sounding pretty tasty. With the extras and the site’s low-end big tits webcam membership fee, the website is worth joining.While Farrah Abraham does many things wrong -- questionable parenting, overt racism, her apparent constant need for negative attention -- we should note that sex work is 100% valid.There's plenty of bad stuff to shame Farrah Abraham for.

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