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Take a look at this map from MAG's website: Full resolution version here: given Arizona's rather poor track record in planning for the needs of the people, does ANYONE think that Arizona will be a nice place to live 40 years from now?

Arizona hasn't always had a great record of planning in all ways but guess what, the same people who did the planning the last 40 years aren't the same ones who will do it the next 40.

I'm really not worried at all, Arizona and Phoenix have become a more enjoyable place to live every year I've been alive, I don't see that changing anytime soon. Those numbers were based off of growth from 2003-2005 when the city was growing at ridiculous rates.

I mean, we didn't build freeways until 20 to 30 years after other major cities did so. Look at those monstrous new sprawtopias to grow along I-40 in northwestern Arizona, or out by Yarnell, or all over the place. Out of control, temporarily checked right now but there's no doubt there's a lot of strong growth coming to Arizona.

Our light rail is at least a decade late, if not two. --don You're really worried about something MAG is projecting for 40 years from now? Why would areas along the 40 just sprawl into huge 'burbs but Flagstaff not really grow much? Flagstaff is already much more established, has better transportation infrastructure, the university and is a much more desirable place to live.

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