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A person who cannot even acknowledge a newer meaning like this one—which has been around for Dear Circle, Read something in a format or category you’ve never tried: a cookbook, a goofy zine, the full text of a law, a jargon-choked scientific entry in Wikipedia.

A typical non-fiction book is signed up on the basis of a core proposal, which is then tweaked for ideal market position before the sentence-to-sentence writing begins.

Certainly when you are giving information or instructions, or writing copy to be read by people you don’t know, or writing anything to be read mainly online, the long sentence or paragraph will cause readers to skip or ignore the text.

But longer passages also have their place, to establish a voice, to invoke a certain atmosphere, to invite the reader along as the writer wrestles with a question.

In the final totting up, you and your friend will both have written harder, longer and better than you knew you could!

—The Editors Nov 16, 2017 Conditional Weather Dear Geist, What’s the difference between weather and weather conditions?

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